In cooperation with leading Biopolymer research specialists, we have established bio-plastics on basis of regenerable resources for thermoforming procedures.

Biodegradable materials

These are biodegradable materials with almost identical properties of commercial plastics.

With suitable environmental conditions, the material decomposes and rotts like grown wood and can be incinerated without producing additional CO2.

What makes us sustainable?

Today we are already thinking about tomorrow.

This is how sustainability works

  • 50% energy savings via PV system
  • Use of a heat recovery system
  • Energy saving contracting
  • Consumption of natural gas reduced by a multiple
  • Garbage and waste separation: In production and administration

Plastic recycling of waste and offcuts

Our contribution:

  • We recycle several hundred tons of plastic waste and offcuts every year
  • We grind the recyclate into new projects according to customer requirements

Sustainable solutions

What can we do together for the environment?

  • Produce workpiece carriers for industry based on biodegradable raw materials (lignin) and recycled waste – e.g. fishing nets
  • SoilPod plant star with AQUA X-Pro substrate
  • Woody information boards
  • GAIA coffins
  • Material carrier for industry

We can also calculate the carbon footprint of your product!

Our new website

Website, Internet and CO² emissions

For our new website, it was important for us to find an agency that also designs websites sustainably.

The result: Our old website consumed 9.13g CO² per page visit. Our new website 0.09g CO². Now our website uses about 90 times less CO² – making our website one of the most environmentally friendly websites in the world.

We do everything to run our company as sustainably as possible.