Medical technology

With over 60 years of experience and many world market leaders as customers, we are your reliable partner when it comes to thermoforming, CNC and assembly.

Perfect cooperation with engineering and process planning

Antibacterial and antimicrobial surfaces, biological compatibility, food safety certificates for materials and adhesives, and chemical resistance are core properties of medical technology products.

The challenges and demands placed on thermoplastics are increasing as medical technology products become more and more complex.

Partner of many world market leaders

Years of experience

Our many years of experience in dealing with clinical, dental and laboratory products give us competitive advantages and a knowledge advantage: Technical know-how and detailed project experience make us a powerful partner for industry – from planning and development to the production of series parts for the medical-technical field of application.

Areas of application

  • Rehabilitation technology
  • Dental technology
  • Infant tubs
  • Paneling elements
  • Medical interior elements
  • Medical couches
  • Analyzers
  • Laboratory equipment