With over 60 years of experience and many world market leaders as customers, we are your reliable partner when it comes to thermoforming, CNC milling and assembly.

Your one-stop partner

As a processing company with more than 60 years of market presence, we have established ourselves as a continuous and powerful partner in the plastics industry.

Our focus is on fairness, professionalism and quality. We accompany you in your project! From project planning through development to production, we give your vision new impulses.

Partner of many world market leaders

A strong team.

Our state-of-the-art machinery is operated by our highly educated and trained employees. This means that we are able to fulfill any of your wishes in the areas of plastic deep-drawing, plastic injection molding and zinc die-casting (including our own tool production) as well as various finishing works.


Our core competence is the so-called deep-drawing, also known as vacuum forming or thermoforming – also of large plastic parts.

We process all common thermoplastics up to a panel size of 3300 x 2300 mm and a panel thickness of up to 20 mm on our nine state-of-the-art deep-drawing machines.

CNC Milling

With our seven 5-axis CNC milling centers, we realize the most demanding components with a maximum size of 3300 x 2300 x 1000 mm.

With a dimensional accuracy of 0.2mm, we can meet almost any tolerance. If this is still not sufficient, we will be happy to check your request in injection molding.

Same component, different cut? This does not pose a challenge for us either. Different programs can be used to implement different component variants with minimal effort.


Complex assemblies can be implemented using various joining processes (screwing, welding, gluing). We will determine which is the right one in a joint discussion.

You can decide whether you want to take on the procurement or outsource it to us and focus on your core competencies.

Our Industry Sectors


Reliability and safety are out top maxims.

Medical Engineering

Antibecterial surfaces and food industry are nothing new to us.


Your logistics begins, where our transport ends.


We adapt to your requirements. Get in touch and find out.


In cooperation with leading Biopolymer research specialists,
we have established bio-plastics on basis of regenerable
resources for thermoforming procedures.

Know-how and experience from more than 100 years

The founding of the company by Julius Bauer, who gave its name to today’s company, dates back to 1905.

Five decades later, the company expanded to include the vacuum deep-drawing division. The twin-sheet process followed at the turn of the millennium, and we have been processing bio-based thermoplastics since 2010.